Victoria is the second smallest state of Australia. But one of the most livable places in this planet where research and innovation come together and contribute to solving global challenges. Victoria’s vibrant multicultural society are blessed with an excellent health system and Bangladeshi origin doctors and dentists are part of this world class health system.
The Bangladeshi doctors and dentists in Victoria are contributing in the health system in different capacities. For collective representation and individual enrichment, an organization was founded – Bangladesh Medical Society of Victoria (BMSV) in 2016. The inception of BMSV in unique and extraordinary in that sense that BMSV was not formed by a group or individual initiative, it was born through the crystallization of aspiration and keenness of the Bangladeshi doctors living and practicing in Victoria.
The collective determination, sacrifice, strength and transparency were reflected since its inception .BMSV is led by a democratically elected executive committee through an independent election commission.

The motto of BMSV: 

Together, we move forward and flourish.

Aim and objective of Bangladesh Medical society of Victoria:

1. Collective representation of Bangladeshi doctors residing and practicing in Victoria.

2. Connecting the Bangladeshi doctors in Victoria and networking. Bringing the unemployed doctors into working force is our anther aim.

3. Keeping abreast with the ever-changing medical science through a strong and efficient Committee of continuing medical professional development.

4. Collaboration and contribution to Bangladeshi community in Victoria, in Bangladesh and the Australian society as a whole irrespective of race, culture and gender identity.

BMS Victoria Membership Application Form

BMSVic Membership Form (PDF) and BMSVic Form (Word)

Online Membership Form

For membership Please download the form, fill up and SIGN and e-mail to bmsvic100@gmail.com or hand it to a office bearer and pay membership fee.

BMS Victoria Nomination Form

Nomination form for BMSV EC Committee (Docx)